Our vision is to be the “church at the heart of the community.” We have a Diocesan Mission Strategy (Transforming church; transforming lives) and our church development plan for 2017/18 is listed below. We believe this will help us in our stated vision.


St Michael & All Angels Church, Mickleham

(United Benefice of Leatherhead and Mickleham)

Leatherhead Deanery

Position Vacant (Parish Priest – House for Duty)


The key points of our Church Development Plan for 2017/18 are:

1                    To make prayerful, confident disciples (link to Goal 1*)

Specific action points:

  • Run the “Bible Course” (Bible Society) to enable church members to understand the “big picture” of the bible and to be more confident in reading it and applying it to their lives.
  • Run courses in Lent and Advent to encourage church members to reflect more deeply on the significance of these seasons in the church calendar.
  • Invite church members to a weekly prayer meeting in church on a Monday morning (10 – 10.30 a.m.) and create a prayer space in church.


We have sufficient “in house” resources for the above.


    2                    To increase the number of new Christians of all ages (link to Goal 2*)

We are a small parish – less than 1,000 people even if we include Westhumble – and many have lived in the parish for many years and are now well past retirement age. For example, in the 2011 census there were only 15 children aged between 4 and 6 living in the parish.

  • Produce church services based on “Common Worship” which are accessible to all, including those who come very irregularly.
  • Consider “talking about my faith” initiatives.
  • Create an “open space” in the north aisle so that when young families do come they have somewhere to go with young children whilst remaining in the body of the church.
  • Further develop the monthly Worship Together/Family Service.
  • Work towards installing AV facility in the church.

We would need external help for any “talking about my faith” programme.


    3                To develop a safe, attractive and spiritually-enriching children’s and youth ministry

                      (Link to Goal 3*)

  • Re-start the Friday night “St Michael’s Crew” youth group.
  • Continue to offer three workshops a year (Mothering Sunday, Harvest and Christingle) and link to Sunday Family Service.
  • Parish Priest to continue weekly assembly at the school.
  • Run occasional Prayer Spaces (e.g. Easter and Christmas) for St Michael’s School.
  • Encourage further links with students from Box Hill Independent School.


It would be good to offer “Open the Book” and “Messy Church” but there have been very few church members willing to commit to these initiatives. It would also be good to work towards re-starting Sunday Club for older children but again we lack the people resources even if we had sufficient children.


Resource needed – people!


   4                   To develop effective communications (Link to Goal 11*)

We already have an excellent parish magazine (full colour) which goes to every home in the community as well as local pubs etc.

  • Maintain an attractive and welcoming website.
  • Consider developing ways of reaching as many church members as possible through email and other technology.
  • Consider ways in making the porch and inside of church “speak” more powerfully of the Christian Gospel.

External support would be helpful.

Approved at PCC meeting on 27 March 2017

* Links to Goals are from the Diocesan Mission Strategy.  Details of this are in church.