The birth of a new child is a time of great joy and celebration, and many parents wish to seek God’s blessing on their new baby. We believe putting God at the centre of family life is something of great importance.

We offer two services which you may like to consider:

Thanksgiving for the gift of a child

This is an opportunity to bring your child to church, to say “thank you” to God and to ask for God’s blessing on your new child. There is no need to have godparents but you may find it helpful to ask two or three people who are “special” to you to stand with you and affirm their support to you and your new child.


Baptism is a more formal sign of becoming a member of God’s Church and marks the beginning of the Christian journey through life. When babies are baptised, parents and godparents are asked to make BIG promises on behalf of that child, and they make a public statement of their own Christian faith and commitment. It is not something to be taken lightly.

What should I do now?

If you are interested in taking things further, we suggest that you attend one of our church services (10 a.m.) and meet with our Parish Priest. You will be given a BAPTISM PACK which will explain more fully what is involved and what preparations you will be asked to make.