From the November 2008 parish magazine.

Chancel before restoration.  Photo taken from scaffolding in the Nave.

Detail of the east window after removal of the limewash on the stonework, showing carved decoration and coloured marble colonnettes and balls set in circular mouldings.

Two of the colonnettes are green marble from Connemara, the source of the red marble of the other two and the balls is unknown.

After cleaning and restoration the figures in the reredos above the altar are much more visible:

Removal of the carpet revealed this dedication stone to the left of the altar. Lucie was the daughter of David and Sarah Evans of Dalewood.

In an earlier magazine we included a photograph of Sarah Evans' memorial stone which was found in the corner to the right of the altar.

With the scaffolding in place it was possible to photograph the nave side of the part-Norman arch leading to the chancel.
Made of chalk and Bath stone the arch was raised to its present height in 1872.

Detail of the ceramic floor tiles which were revealed when the carpet was removed.  Under the altar there is a bordered panel of tiles featuring a blue, dark red and white design on a yellow-brown background.


Bosses To raise funds for the restoration of the nave ceiling, we asked people to sponsor a boss and were delighted when all 79 were funded. The bosses were removed, repaired and repainted in red and gold. Some people have asked how they can find their boss. To do so consult the chart on the wall over the last pew on the right side of the centre aisle. This chart includes a numbered plan and the names of the sponsors.


Photos by Ben Tatham
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