Revd Malcolm Raby: The Rectory, London Road, Mickleham RH5 6EB

Tel: 01372-378335; Click here to Email

Church Warden: Anne Weaver, Tel: 01306-883932; Click here to Email

Church Warden: John Banfield, Tel: 01372-373912; Click here to Email

Parish Administrator: Alison Wood, Tel: 01372-376443; Click here to Email

PCC Secretary:  Elizabeth Moughton, Tel: 01306-883040; Click here to Email

Treasurer:  Richard Siberry, Tel: 01372-375303

Baptismal Co-Ordinator: Mrs Vickie Leney, Tel: 01306-884054

Weddings Co-Ordinator: Jane Denny and Revd. Malcolm Raby, Tel: 01306-883107; Click here to Email

Funerals Organiser: Brian Wilcox, Tel: 01372-374730; Click here to Email

Organist & Choir Master:  Christopher Connett, Tel: 01306-743061; Click here to Email

Church Flowers Organiser:  Jan Richards, Tel: 01372-375733; Click here to Email

Mickleham Parish Magazine Editor: Sue Tatham, Click here to Email

Website Editor: Sarah Ward, Tel: 01372-383350; Click here to Email

Deanery Synod:  Simon Ward and James Riches

PCC:  Reverend Malcolm Raby, John Banfield, Mrs Anne Weaver, Richard Siberry (Treasurer), Mrs Elizabeth Moughton (Secretary), James Aarvold, Mrs Carole Brough Fuller, Mark Day, Jeremy Smith, Colin Wylde, Mrs Jenny Hudlass, Mrs Amanda Wadsworth, Frank Warren, Paul Wates