Revd Malcolm Raby: The Rectory, London Road, Mickleham RH5 6EB

Tel: 01372-378335; Click here to Email

Church Warden: Simon Ward, Tel: 01372-383350; Click here to Email

Church Warden: Anne Weaver, Tel: 01306-883932; Click here to Email

Parish Administrator and website editor: Sarah Ward, Tel: 01372-383350; Click here to Email

PCC Secretary:  Elizabeth Moughton, Tel: 01306-883040; Click here to Email

Treasurer:  Richard Siberry, Tel: 01372-375303

Mickleham Parish Magazine Editor: Sue Tatham, Click here to Email

Organist & Choir Master:  Christopher Connett, Tel: 01306-743061; Click here to Email

Baptismal Co-Ordinator: Mrs Vickie Leney, Tel: 01306-884054

Weddings Co-Ordinator: Jane Denny and Revd. Malcolm Raby, Tel: 01306-883107; Click here to Email

Funerals Organiser: Brian Wilcox, Tel: 01372-374730; Click here to Email

Church Flowers Organiser:  Jan Richards, Tel: 01372-375733; Click here to Email

Deanery Synod:  Frank Warren

PCC:  Reverend Malcolm Raby, Simon Ward, Mrs Anne Weaver, Richard Siberry (Treasurer), Mrs Elizabeth Moughton (Secretary), James Aarvold, Mrs Carole Brough-Fuller, Mark Day, Mr Jeremy Smith, Mrs Jenny Hudlass, Ms Val Selwood, Mrs Amanda Wadsworth, Frank Warren, Paul Wates